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IEC Nepal has just started its journey towards sustainability in 2012 by launching its income generating activities like: iec cyber, Braille t-shirts and Move Nepal. However these initiaties still need somne time and attention before they will make a significant amount of money to sustain IEC Nepal.

  • IEC Cyber

    IEC Cyber

    The iec cyber is an innovative income generating initiative of iec Nepal. It was launched 14th of April 2012

  • Awareness Raising

    Awareness Raising

    Another big part of iec Nepal’s activities is concentrated around various awareness raising initiatives.

  • IT and English Training

    IT and English Training

    We recently realized that although some of the participants have stayed in Pokhara.


IEC Nepal was conceived and initiated by Khom Raj Sharma (2009), who in addition to overcoming his own challenges of being blind, has been helping empower people with disabilities through his numerous initiatives and projects for thedisabled in Nepal.

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